At Ted, we believe in being open and honest in the way we do business and operating in a fair and sustainable manner

Sustainability & the Environment

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At Ted Baker we believe in being open and honest in the way we do business, this includes doing the right thing by all of our stakeholders throughout our supply chain; operating in a fair and sustainable manner.

We approach our social, environmental and ethical (SEE) commitments in the same way we work in the rest of the business, through partnerships and attention to detail. To ensure that we continue to meet our responsibilities in these important areas we have designed and begun implementing our ethical and sustainability plan, named Ted3.

To ensure that all areas of Ted are being included in our SEE agenda we have a cross-functional team called Ted’s Conscience, run by passionate members of the staff from every department; raising and addressing sustainability issues within the business. This is supported by our four green directors who oversee and champion specific areas-Brand Communication, Product Design, Production and Special Projects (Interior Design).

Our Focus

We believe in three very important areas of sustainability, which make up Ted3

  1. Protect: Protecting the environment within our properties and throughout our entire supply chain by reducing the use of resources and increasing efficiencies wherever possible
  2. Product: Purchasing the best possible products for use and sale within and throughout Ted at the same time as ensuring that the people and environment within the supply chain are treated well
  3. Practise: Practising what we preach by implementing strategies to achieve our goals by educating and inspiring our teams.


  1. Ted’s Green Team was founded in 2007, a forum where likeminded team members discuss sustainable initiatives. It was re-launched in 2013 as Ted’s Conscience.
  2. We joined Green 500, a London based initiative that helped 500 London Businesses reduce their Carbon Emissions collectively by 1.5 million tonnes in 2008
  3. We made our business flights carbon neutral in 2009 and all our business travel carbon neutral in 2011 by offsetting the carbon emissions with The Carbon Neutral Company
  4. Became a partner brand of MADE-BY in 2010. MADE-BY are a not for profit organisation with a mission to make sustainable fashion common practice and improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry
  5. Started to donate all end of life stock to Oxfam, New life and World Jewish Relief in 2011
  6. Began participating in the SCAP metrics group, responsible for identifying carbon, waste and water hotspots within the supply chain in 2012
  7. We reported to the Carbon Disclosure Project for the 4th time in 2013, increasing our score from 66% to 71%.