At Ted, we believe in being open and honest in the way we do business and operating in a fair and sustainable manner


The talent, commitment and passion of the Ted Baker team are key factors in the success of our business and brand. The value we place on our team is shown in the way we motivate them, encourage learning and development, nurture their growth and potential, and recognise and reward their contributions.

Reward and Recognition

Remuneration is reviewed annually and a benchmarking review is undertaken to ensure we remain competitive and fair across all areas of the business. Our rewards include bonus schemes linked to sales targets and individual and corporate performance. We encourage our people to join our Save As You Earn (“SAYE”) schemes. This year we celebrated our third year of Wisdom Awards; recognition for the longer serving members of the team and a chance for them to celebrate and share their stories with the rest of the team.

Learning and Development

Performance is reviewed bi-annually with each team member to discuss personal and career development. Within this process, goals and objectives are set and linked to personal growth and business development as well as Ted’s environmental and social commitments. We allow our people to broaden their abilities and knowledge by exposing them to new experiences. We invest in training which ranges from specialist and technical skills training, to in-house developed courses focusing on management skills, leadership skills, brand awareness and self-awareness. Firm career paths exist across the Group and inter-departmental and international moves play a large part in retaining and growing talent.


The Group believes in respecting individuals and their rights in the workplace. With this in mind, specific policies are in place covering harassment and bullying, whistle blowing and equal opportunities. Our team represents a wide and diverse workforce from all backgrounds, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic and religious groups. We support sponsorship of visa applications, where appropriate, to retain specific talent within the business. With continued overseas expansion our workforce is becoming more diverse and we respect cultural difference and actively seek to learn about them in each territory we operate. As at 25 January 2014, of our 2,524 global workforce, 882 employees were male and 1,642 female. Of these, 50 were senior managers (25 male, 25 female), which include members of our  leadership team and individuals who are statutory directors of the corporate entities whose financial information is included in the Group’s 2014 consolidated accounts in this Annual Report. In terms of the Company’s Board of Directors, there were 5 Directors, 4 of whom were male and 1 female. Prior to any appointment to the Board, the Nomination Committee gives due regard to diversity and gender with a view to appointing the best placed individual for the role (see page 26 to view biographies of the members of the Board).

Health, Safety and Welfare

Our duty and commitment to the well-being of our team is supported by activity such as private healthcare, occupational health, health seminars and funding for flu jabs. During the period, we conducted a Wellness health assessment day and we offer health and fitness classes to our team members at our head office. We also run a Childcare Voucher Scheme. An Employee Assistance Programme further supports our genuine concern for the well-being of our team.

The prevention and identification of risks and accidents is supported by an external Health and Safety service provider and ongoing training of management teams. A dedicated Health & Safety focused team member is also employed by the Company to strengthen our knowledge and commitment in this area of our business.

Disabled Employees

Applications for employment by disabled persons are always fully and fairly considered, bearing in mind the aptitudes of the applicant concerned. In the event of members of the team becoming disabled every effort is made to ensure that their employment with the Group continues and that where appropriate reasonable adjustments are made and relevant training is arranged. It is the policy of the Group that the training, career development and promotion of disabled persons should, as far as possible, be identical with that of other employees.


The spirit in which we conduct our business and interact with our team always takes into consideration ‘Would Ted do it that way?’. We regularly host internal events, including Teducation sessions with the chief executive telling the story behind the brand and also Family Days where we open our doors to family and friends.

Employer Brand

The culture sets the tone for how our ‘employer brand’ speaks to our teams. Aligned to the business brand, our Ted tone of voice is translated through every employee touch point throughout the employee life-cycle. Our Coach Station department leads the way in communicating a unique approach to all people and team orientated activity.

Employee Engagement

The Group places considerable value on the involvement of its employees and continues to keep them informed on matters affecting them and on the significant factors affecting the performance of the Group. This is achieved through formal and informal meetings and employee representatives are consulted regularly on a wide range of matters affecting employees’ current and future interests. Employees are regularly informed of the Group’s performance and the factors affecting its performance during the year.